The Purposeful Life Show

The Art Of Being Yourself

November 24, 2019

We are living in an era of comparisons and competition. This has lead to the loneliness epidemic and has contributed to a certain percentage of depression across the planet. The feeling of being pressured to be perfect, to not make mistakes, and to avoid being seen as different or odd has the human population in a panic! What happens if the pendulum shifts back to the reliability of human autonomy and the trust within ourselves to create from courage instead of fear? Could we create a better reality for ourselves in our business and personal lives? Join the host of this show and founder of Champion Up, Adrian Starks, as he talks about taking back our personal power by learning the "Art Of Being Yourself". He uses examples of Rakim(New York legendary rapper) and Bruce Lee(martial arts legend) to drive his point home.. How will he do this... Don't miss this episode.





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